Life’s a Beach……

Livin’ the dream! We all are! How lucky are we to live in Australia ( a good reminder as Australia Day approaches, not too far away) – most Aussies along the East coast live within relatively easy reach of a beach and can catch a wave or a good dose of Vitamin Sea when life and work commitments allow.

A lot of us have been fortunate enough to travel to some far flung exotic destinations over the years and every single time I come back saying over and over again “we have the best beaches in the world in Oz” as I wash my sandy feet under our outdoor shower.

Outside shower
Outside shower

A neighbour of ours up here at beautiful Moffs was telling us recently that they have a friend from Croatia who bought a beach over there (yep! bought one!) and makes his living from renting it out along with beach parasols, chairs, even ice creams. (he better not have his eye on Moffat!) And what about those beaches in Italy and France with lots of rocky terrain where you have to pay to even step foot on the rocks! Long live Aussie beaches, the greatest equalizer in the world where CEO’s sit in their boardies alongside uni students, Tradies and Judges all sharing the same beautiful piece of paradise.

Our daily mindful fave walks up here are for me over the headland or for Mike, through the beachy rainforest to Currimundi constantly inspire our creative juices – and we’re not fair-weather friends to Moffs, we love all her moods (and boy does she have some!)

Storm over Moffat Beach
Storm over Moffat Beach

Nothing better than sitting and watching storm clouds move in or hopping in the van in the pouring rain to see what the waves are doing on a full moon. Sitting on a beach seat with our visiting Aunt from the UK one night after dinner in the village watching the moon in companionable silence is up there as one of life’s highlights: “sometimes me sits and thinks, sometimes me just sits”.

So it’s NO surprise that Banx loves getting stuck into Coastal inspired paintings back in the studio when we are literally swimming in creative stimulation at Moffat and beyond. Here are a few of Banx’s pieces

What’s the best part of being at the beach? Maybe its just “the beach feel” that feels good!

High Rollers by Banx 2200x1000mm MC6803
High Rollers by Banx 2200x1000mm MC6803 $5390 to buy $161.70 a month to rent

Hello Art Lovers!

Hello and Welcome to Sunshine Art Studio.

Thank you for visiting Sunshine Art Studio, the home of Banx the artist.

Come on a journey with us and see inside the “mysterious artist’s studio” where all the messy arty action happens, resulting in beautiful original paintings for you to enjoy. 

Mike Banks (aka Queensland artist Banx) and Kaye Fox have been running their Moving Canvas Art Gallery in Brisbane for over 16 years, servicing corporate and residential collectors and lovers of art locally, interstate and overseas.

Ten years ago the lure of the Sunshine Coast was too much (who can resist all that sunshine, surf, sand and sea as artists, right?!) and together we fell in love with a little bungalow cottage at beautiful Moffat Beach. Our creative life and collaboration together found a home.

Banx had been painting all his life and set about building his dream art studio in amongst the backyard jungle of native orchids, gum trees, cockatoos, lorikeets, and kookaburras.

Orchid outside the gallery
Orchid outside the gallery

From here he has created hundreds of original paintings inspired by his environs and daily long walks and surfs. (He even spotted the rare black cockatoos last week).

But wait there’s more! This is also where he’s built original and funky possum boxes, restored furniture for their boho deck, and collaborated on many other interesting projects, books and goodies with creative partner Kaye.

Come on in and see what 2020 has in store for Sunshine Art Studio – from original paintings and books, to commissions, collaborations and writing/illustrating workshops. No project is too large or too small, from supplying art for foyers and curating the art for developers and renos, and when it comes time to sell, through to cute small pet portraits and pop-ups where you least expect them, it’s all on the arty radar this year.

Anyway, have a good look around the studio here online and the gallery and contact us if you like what you see – we’d love to hear from you. Start your own art collection today (we offer rental or purchase) or just enjoy browsing. Viewing art is a great way to relaaaaax.

All of Banx’s artworks are ready-to-hang original art on stretched canvas, and if you see something you like, we bring the art to you, to your home or office and hang it for you as part of our service. Commissions usually take around 3-4 weeks.

So…..Let some Sunshine in! (and the surf… and the sea… )

Excuse us, in the meantime Banx has to get back to the easel! There’s paintings to be painted..

Kaye and Mike
Sunshine Art Studio