Sunshine Art Studio and Gallery Caloundra

Brightly coloured White, red and blue Moving Canvas Van at Shelly Beach, Sunshine Coast
Moving Canvas Van at Shelly Beach, Sunshine Coast

Hello and Welcome to the home of our mobile art rental gallery of Original Art on stretched canvas, with wire attached and ready to hang, for the Office and Home Styling.

Ever wanted to see what a particular artwork looks like in your home or office? Lease it for a month and try it out; or rent it short-term to sell your house, or long-term for the tax benefits.

Thank you for visiting Sunshine Art Studio, the new home of Moving Canvas and Banx the artist at Moffat Beach, Caloundra.

Photograph of our Sunshine Art Studio at home, it looks like a wood cabin in the woods
Sunshine Art Studio

Come on a journey with us and see inside the “mysterious artist’s studio” where all the messy art action happens, resulting in beautiful original paintings for you to rent or buy and enjoy.

Painting of a surfing girl holding a surfboard about to enter the surf called Amped by Banx 1200x2000mm MC6802
Amped by Banx 1200x2000mm MC6802 SOLD

Mike Banks (aka Queensland artist Banx) and Kaye Fox have been running their Moving Canvas Art Rental Gallery in Brisbane since 2004, now in Caloundra, servicing corporate and residential collectors and lovers of art locally, interstate and overseas.

Two paintings installed in a home called Workshop and No Two Days are the Same by Banx 1200x900mm MC6468 and MC6478
Workshop and No Two Days are the Same by Banx 1200x900mm MC6468 and MC6478

Twelve years ago the lure of the Sunshine Coast was too much (who can resist all that sunshine, surf, sand and sea as artists, right?!) and together they fell in love with a little bungalow cottage at beautiful Moffat Beach. Their creative life and collaboration together found a home.

Banx has been painting all his life and set about building his dream art studio in amongst the backyard jungle of native orchids, gum trees, cockatoos, lorikeets, and kookaburras.

Bright absrtact painting of a Kookaburra called Kookie by Banx MC6725
Kookie by Banx 800 x 800mm MC6725 $75 +GST per month to rent short-term 45 +GST a month to rent long-term.  $1650 to buy.

From there he created hundreds of original paintings inspired by his environs and daily long nature walks and surfs.

Come on in and see what this year has in store for Sunshine Art Studio – from original paintings and books, to commissions, collaborations and writing/illustrating workshops. Banx art is now available on a range of products like T-Shitrts, Leggings, Dresses, Tote Bags, Phone Covers, Mugs etc., etc., through Redbubble, visit Banx Redbubble Shop –

No project is too large or too small, from supplying art for foyers and curating the art for developers and renos, Styling Consultancy for selling your home, through to cute small pet portraits and pop-ups where you least expect them, it’s all on the arty radar this year.

Painting in the foyer of 333 Ann St, Brisbane - triptych by Banx 6000x1200mm MC5831
333 Ann St, Brisbane – triptych by Banx 3@ 2000 x 1200mm MC5831 – SOLD
painting of Pet Portrait of small white dog called Riley
Riley by Banx MC6750 – SOLD

Anyway, have a good look around the studio here online and the gallery and contact us if you like what you see – we’d love to hear from you. Start your own art collection today (we offer rental/leasing or purchase) or just enjoy browsing. Viewing art is a great way to relaaaaax.

Painting of surfers waiting for the next big wave called High Rollers by Banx 2200x1000mm MC6803
High Rollers by Banx 2200 x 1000mm MC6803 $247.50 +GST a month to rent short-term 148.50 +GST a month to rent long-term.  $5445 to buy 

All of Banx’s artworks are ready-to-hang original art on stretched canvas, and if you see something you like, we bring the art to you, to your home or office and hang it for you as part of our service. Commissions usually take around 3-4 weeks.

Photo of our brightly coloured van turning into a parking space Moving Canvas Mobile Gallery
Moving Canvas Mobile Gallery, we bring the art to you.

So…..Let some Sunshine in! (and the surf… and the sea… )

Excuse us, in the meantime Banx has to get back to the easel! There’s paintings to be painted..

Kaye and Mike
Sunshine Art Studio

Photograph of paint brushes with turquois, red and yellow paint


Art Rental is an Excellent Option!

We bring the art to you.

Sunshine Art Studio in Caloundra and Moving Canvas Mobile Art Gallery bring the art to you, to your home or city office and hangs it for you as part of our service. It takes up very little of your valuable time and is included.

Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and major cities in Australia from abstract to traditional art, all ready to hang. *Delivery charges may apply (just ask us).

Shipping art world wide is also something we do. We use professional Packers and Senders.

Art on office walls helps to elevate your client’s perception of your business (or home), thereby giving clients a good feeling about doing business with you.

Moving Canvas Art Gallery offers a Curatorial Art Consultancy service to businesses and home owners, whereby we come to your work or home and arrange artwork for the best aesthetic effect.

There are no long-term contracts.  After the first agreed rental period (minimum of a month), the rental can be extended week by week, or as required. We offer on-going long-term rental for the office, foyer and the boardroom, and long and short-term rental for residential property styling or home staging.

Art rental is especially relevant to Residential Stylists, Home Staging, Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers, Decorators and Architects, and is a great resource for film Set Designers, Art Directors and TV Production Companies.

Art elegantly completes corporate fit-outs, interior design or refurbishments, and improves the selling potential of your home when it comes time to sell.

At Moving Canvas we are experienced in providing the right art for your property, of all sizes, styles and budgets. Make your property stand out from the crowd with sensational art that will result in a successful sale for your property.

Sunshine Art Studio and Moving Canvas Art Gallery also supplies and Project Manages printing, framing and installation services for Hospitality, hotels, apartment blocks, cruise ships and offices etc., for guest rooms, corridors and lobbies.

In addition, Moving Canvas Art Gallery specialises in high quality site-specific art commissions for businesses. The Company logo can be subtly incorporated into the art for a unique corporate image, for the foyer or boardroom. We respond professionally with two to three concept sketches and a quote, and deliver on time.

Gift certificates are available so that clients or friends may choose their own art. Art is an ideal gift for the corporate and private individual. Occasions such as welcoming your new CEO, thanking a great employee, a wedding gift, birthday, anniversary or special occasion.

Moving Canvas Art Gallery is proudly Australian. We are owner operators and local artists.