Styling Consultancy

We offer Styling assistance with selling your home, with some straightforward techniques to show your home in it’s best light.

We want your house to stand out from other houses that buyers see!

We have 18 years working in collaboration with designers, architects, developers, stylists and homeowners who want the best sales result for their home and family, to move on to a new home or the next chapter of life.

We offer a consultancy/advisory service and light makeovers. We utilise your existing furniture and ornaments and reorganise the spaces of your home with selling your property in mind, thereby keeping costs down.

Where art and/or additional ornaments are needed we’ll organise the hire in consultation with you.

Call us for a no obligation chat on 0414 457 318 and check out four examples below and installed art on our Moving Canvas website:

Barnes avenue

Flockton Street

Lunar Place

Stafford Road Church