About Art Rental

Art Rental is an excellent option

We sell art. However, art rental offers a low-risk cost-effective option for brightening those blank office walls, or making an impression in the foyer or spicing up your home prior to sale. It offers a great ‘no obligation’ opportunity to ‘try out’ the art to see if it fits, before buying it, which many people do.

We bring the art to you…

Moving Canvas Mobile Gallery
Moving Canvas Mobile Gallery, we bring the art to you.

…to your home or office and hang it for you as part of our service. It takes up very little of your valuable time.

Long-term rental (4 months or more) is at 3% of the gallery value of the painting per month plus GST. Please refer to our main business website at Moving Canvas  for available art and pricing.  A $1,000 painting can be rented for as little as $30 per month plus GST.

Short-term rental (1 – 3 months) is at 5% of the gallery value of the painting per month plus GST ($1,000 painting is $50 per month plus GST), minimum rental is one month. At the end of your rental we get in touch to see if you want to extend.  We extend weekly, fortnightly or monthly, its up to you.

Long-term rentals can be changed over 4 monthly or 6 monthly or annually, for a fresh new look and feel. It’s up to you. If changes are required more frequently, the short-term rate applies (by agreement).

Artwork is available for sale if you fall in love with it and can’t bare to let go of it.

…and it’s tax deductible.